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What is a FibroScan?

A FibroScan is an exam of your liver that is similar to an ultrasound. It uses vibration controlled, transient elastography technology to determine your liver health non-invasively. The test takes approximately 10 minutes and provides immediate results.

Who would benefit from a FibroScan?

Any patient with one or more of the following risk factors is at a greater risk for developing fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease does not have symptoms, making risk factors even more helpful in determining who should get screened.

Why is Fibroscan® done?

When other tests indicate that your liver may not be working properly, your doctor may want to do a fibroscan to more accurately learn the condition of your liver. Unlike a liver biopsy, a fibroscan is quick, painless and performed in a clinic setting. 
A Fibroscan helps:

How do you prepare for a Fibroscan®?

To have a Fibroscan you will not be able to eat or drink anything for three hours before the test. 

How is Fibroscan® performed?

Fibroscan is a simple exam that involves you lying on your back with your right arm raised behind your head. The technician will apply a water-based gel to your skin on the ride side of your body at the rib cage and then apply a probe with slight pressure. This is not painful. The exam includes ten consecutive measurements taken at the same location.

What happens after Fibroscan® is done?

After the exam you may eat and drink as usual and continue your daily activities. There is no down time or recovery period needed after a fibroscan. A study investigator or physician will interpret the fibroscan report and review the results with you, as well as provide you personalized lifestyle modifications and recommendations that you can take with you to follow up with your PCP.

Free liver screening FibroScan

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Free Liver Screening